PEARSON NorthStar 4/e Reading and Writing 1 SB with My Lab

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Ürün Adı: NorthStar 4/e Reading and Writing 1 SB with My Lab
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About this Product
Level : Beginning - Advanced
NorthStar, Fourth Edition, a five-level series, engages students through authentic and compelling content and empowers them to achieve their academic and personal goals. The approach to critical thinking in both the Reading/Writing and Listening/Speaking strands challenges students to move beyond basic comprehension to higher-level analysis.

eTexts available
The eText allows students online access to the student book so they can practice English on the go! Students can access audio selections, do full text searches, highlight important information, and create notes and save bookmarked pages.
MyEnglishLabs available
MyEnglishLabs are flexible online tools designed to enrich the student learning experience, provide more informed teaching, and deliver better learning outcomes. MyEnglishLab optimizes instruction through a blend of coursebook and online content.

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