EVANS Jamaica (Letters from Around the World)

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Marka: EVANS
Stok Kodu: 9781842345818
Ürün Adı: Jamaica (Letters from Around the World)
Fiyat: 27.5 TL
İndirimli: 13.5 TL

Ürün Detayları

Experience Jamaican life while you visit Spanish Town and stay with a Jamaican family. The book takes you with Jo-Ann after school to meet the rest of the Brownie pack and taste jerk pork, saltfish and akee. Later Jo-Ann and her brother, Kyle, will show you how to make Sky Juice. This book, which is one of a series, aims to give young children an introduction to daily life in different countries. Each country is presented through the experiences of a child who lives there. The books explore the themes that children will be able to relate to, such as weather, food, school and play.

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