EVANS Egypt (Letters from Around the World)

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Marka: EVANS
Stok Kodu: 9781842346013
Ürün Adı: Egypt (Letters from Around the World)
Fiyat: 27.5 TL
İndirimli: 13.5 TL

Ürün Detayları

Meet Esraa. She\'s 9 years old and lives in the city of Luxor, in Egypt.
Esraa likes cooking, playing in the school band and sailing on her uncle\'s felucca on the River Nile.
Find out what it\'s like to live in Egypt by reading Esraa\'s letters. She\'ll introduce you to her family, take you to her school and show you how to make felafels.
Find out about countries of the world through letters of real children who live in those countries in this colourful and informative series that strongly supports literacy and geography.

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