PEARSON BIG ENGLISH-(British) 2 Activity Book

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Ürün Adı: BIG ENGLISH-(British) 2 Activity Book
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Think Big! Dream Big!

Big English is the most complete package for 6 to 12 year olds. It gives your students all they need to learn English. And it gives you everything you need to engage your students and get great results.

Balanced development of language skills, CLIL lessons, critical thinking about BIG ideas and Culture Connections are core to this course helping students build 21st century skills. Assessment for Learning encourages self-efficacy and develops learner confidence to think BIG.

4-8 hours classroom teaching per week
British English
7 Levels
CEF A1 - B1

Activity Book

The Activity Book, with colour photographs and illustrations, provides engaging additional practice for each lesson in the Pupil’s Book. Activity Book pages can be used on an interactive white board and in MyEnglishLab.

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