EVANS Berlin (Global Cities)

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Marka: EVANS
Stok Kodu: 9780237531225
Ürün Adı: Berlin (Global Cities)
Fiyat: 55 TL
İndirimli: 27.5 TL

Ürün Detayları

Berlin is the capital of Germany, the largest economy in Europe. Divided after World War II, the city was reunited in 1989, when the communist government of East Germany dissolved and the Berlin Wall was finally torn down. Since reunification the city has become the center of power in modern Germany. Despite this, its own finances are in disorder. Urban infrastructure projects have fallen years behind schedule, and the cost of renovating the communist east has also been a heavy burden. Yet the city\'s low office and residential costs, its young and economically energetic population, and excellent transportation links to the rest of Europe are all conditions in its favor. Filled with unique, eye-catching photographs and engaging interviews with local residents, \"Berlin\" offers an illuminating snapshot of this vibrant city.

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